Add a CSV list of users to an AD group with powershell

I love Quest’s powershell cmdlets for AD. They have added a ton of productivity improvement to my life. Since I was used to writing scripts in VB and using dsquery and dsmod, it wasn’t a fast process, but eventually I started to get the hang of the syntax and boolean changes. Here is one quick super easy script that has recently saved me a bunch of time. Keep in mind you have to have the Active Roles Management Shell for AD installed, which is a free plugin released by Quest, otherwise you won’t be able to add the snapin with the first line.

add-PSSnapin quest.activeroles.admanagement -erroraction SilentlyContinue
Get-Content “C:\Powershell\listofusers.csv” | Add-QADGroupMember “Security Group Name”

All that is in that CSV is a list of SAM account names in the first column. Quick and easy.

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