Horizon 7.2: What’s new!

Hey guys! Here’s a quick update on Horizon 7.2 that was just released:

Skype for Business has native integration,

  • Initial release is for Windows based endpoints
  • Removes datacenter hairpinning for video and audio traffic

VMware Horizon Help Desk

  • New tool using the new HTML5 interface
  • Allows for helpdesk fast end user lookup, session reset and quick troubleshooting detail collection

Horizon 7 and vSAN

  • Supports vSAN 6.6 encryption of data-at-rest at the cluster level
  • Updates default SPBM policies created by horizon

Scale Improvements

  • A single vCenter for Instant Clone and Linked-Clones can now support 4,000 desktops
  • Scale increase support for 4,000 desktops with single vCenter and Full clones
  • CPA scale increased to 120K sessions across 12 View pods and 5 sites

Android Client Supports Samsung DEX, which allows for desktop orientation of the phone, allowing for the experience “dock the phone, connect to horizon with external mouse/keyboard/monitor”.

HTML Access Supports Dual Displays

Linux VDI 7.2 Release

  • USB Redirection support
  • Client Drive Redirection (CDR) support
  • KDE desktop support for CentOS 6 x64 and RHEL 6 x64
  • HTML Access Supports Audio Playback
  • RHEL 6.9 x64 and CentOS 6.9 x64 support




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