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Horizon 7.2: What’s new!

Hey guys! Here’s a quick update on Horizon 7.2 that was just released: Skype for Business has native integration, Initial release is for Windows based endpoints Removes datacenter hairpinning for video and audio traffic VMware Horizon Help Desk New tool

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3V0-622 VCAP6-DCV Design Objective 3.1

  I love participating in the vBrownbag, because it helps me refresh my both my technical knowledge and public speaking skills. Seems I always try to reduce the ums and ahs, but it still requires practice. Here’s the video and

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The Convergence of the Sysadmin Roles

With the convergence of networking and shared storage into compute, we’re seeing a pretty unique transition from a professional skills standpoint, that has been a fairly slow adoption curve. My take on the matter in regards to why HCI and SDN

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Nobody cares what kind of undershirt you’re wearing. (Or what your hypervisor is)

When was the last time you judged somebody because of the brand and type of undershirt they were wearing? Likely never. You may have judged someone for NOT wearing an undershirt (ugh), but that’s a different story. Nobody cares what

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I ask people these three questions when they are considering new opportunities for their career: Is it doing what you love? More time at your home? Is it better for you financially? The past few weeks have been pretty tumultuous at the elgwhoppo

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Sharks and Security Tech

So I saw this news story over the weekend and honestly after watching the video, the first thing I thought of was firewalls. Kind of sad that this is the first analogy I drew from this, but that’s OK. It goes with

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The Digital Workspace – I Fight For the Users

The Digital Frontier Workspace In the 1981 version of the movie TRON, there is a phrase that TRON says and sort of defines his purpose. The phrase he uses is “I Fight for the Users”. Having become a VDI/Presentation specialist over

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  • RT @acloudguru: Are you a cloud hipster? Do you have a pet moose? 👀 Psst! Here's a lesson on AWS global and regional infrastructure:@https16 hours ago
  • RT @Benjojo12: "Why is the MTU of Ethernet 1500 bytes?" A question I asked myself a few nights back and could not find a quick response to… 16 hours ago
  • The Windows 10 native mail app is gross. Officially. 2 days ago

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