SCOM 2012 Powershell Script to Backup Unsealed Management Packs

Sure there’s plenty out there already. But my does it out of the box. Run it from wherever on the management server and it will create a folder called C:\UnsealedBackup\<date> and dump the unsealed management packs in there. Nice and neat, run it every day after you eat your Wheaties. Or just schedule it with Task Scheduler. But either way, Wheaties are tasty.

# Written by J. Clarke to automated the backup of unsealed management packs.
# Version 1.0
Import-Module OperationsManager
$Date = Get-Date -Format “yyyy-MM-dd”
$TodaysFolder = “C:\UnsealedBackup\” + $Date
New-Item $TodaysFolder -type directory -force
Get-SCOMManagementPack | where {$_.Sealed -eq $false} | export-SCOMmanagementpack -path $TodaysFolder

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