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0x800700A1 when running command line task in SCCM 2012 OSD

Today in my SCCM 2012 lab I was troubleshooting a task sequence error in regards to source being unavailable. It is a very simple task sequence deploying Windows 7, the only custom step I placed in it was a vbscript

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SCCM PXE Boot Media Certificate Expiration

Recently I came upon a default self-signed PXE certificate expiration on a ConfigMgr PXE service point site system. The warning message is: Warning: The certificate associated with this media will expire in hour(s) and minute(s). A valid certificate is required

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Change a Computer’s OU during an OSD Task Sequence

I came across a situation when testing pushing re-images out with SCCM where I needed to ensure that the old computer object had been moved to the new OU that I specified. This is because even though I specified what

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Change SATA operation to AHCI during OSD

So I ran into an interesting situation when we started deploying Windows 7 out via OSD to Windows XP boxes recently. There were some PCs that would take FOREVER to download the image, which would actually end up failing the

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What the HAL is going on with these E6510 and E6410s?

At my place of employment, we recently ran into some issues integrating Dell’s newer model of laptops, the E6510 and the E6410, into our imaging process for the deployment of Windows XP SP3. We experienced 3 varied issues that are

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VBScript to name computers during OSD

Determining a computer name during an imaging process has always proved to be a challenge. One of my favorite methods is to utilize WMI to obtain the serial number of the computer that is being imaged. This way, if all

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