Prevent Old Computers from Being Discovered in AD by SCCM 2012

What’s that you say? You hate it that system discovery in SCCM brings in ancient systems that don’t exist, nobody cared to clean up and still resolve in DNS?

Have we got a deal for you! One of my favorite new options in the system discovery for SCCM 2012 allows you to choose to discover only computers that have logged onto the domain in the past X days, also only discover computers that have updated their computer account password in the past X days. This feature is so totally awesome, because it will keep your database clear of non-important non-client installed records that somehow still have DNS records. This will be particularly valuable for those organizations which don’t clean out DNS and AD for their servers as a part of a proper decommission process. It’s Friday, it’s a good day. Carry on tech world!

Screen Shot 2012-11-02 at 9.37.43 AM


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