Optimizing Audio Traffic and Quality for PCoIP

Hey guys, just wanted to give a shout out to a single GPO parameter that can be configured to reduce a TON of audio network traffic in your Horizon View deployment. All of the GPO parameters to tune the PCoIP session statistics are located here:


The following image shows the PCoIP session audio bandwidth limit:


In the below video we demonstrate the impact of changing the default behavior to 400Kbps and the impact on traffic. The audio quality changed from using around 40Kbps of audio TX to about 2Mbps, which is definitely a sizable difference just for audio quality. In the video you can hear the difference in quality. For my own use case, since I actually use the VM as my primary workstation and I use spotify, I had to tune this to 2400 because I didn’t want to listen to shoddy quality audio at my desk. Your  mileage may vary, but 400 is a great starting point for all non-audio intensive use cases. Disabling the default sound schemes is also a good idea to prevent spikes of audio.


Also of note, I experienced some weird audio stuttering of the sound and some bizarre sounding weirdness. CPU was fine, so was the network. I followed this KB titled Audio issues with the VMware Virtual Audio (DevTap) driver running on a Horizon View desktop (2045764) and installed the Teradici Audio driver in the VM. No issues for me since that time and no other configuration changes were made. See below for version and build information.

The configuration utilized for this demonstration:

View VM: Windows 8 Enterprise, 2 vCPU 3GB Memory, View Agent, Teradici Audio Drivers Installed in guest

View: VMware Horizon View 5.3.0, Servers and Agent with Experience Feature Pack 1

Endpoint: Wyse P25 Zero Client with HD Audio Enabled, Klipsch THX Speakers

PCoIP Audio Traffic Optimization and Audio Quality Demonstrated from Joe Clarke on Vimeo.


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