Performing Outage Free Maintenance on View Connection Servers

The question that I had during my View 5.1 ICM class was how to migrate active view sessions from one VMware View connection server to another, so that maintenance can be performed on one of the connection servers. The short version is that you if tunneling is used, you cant. This means that if you reboot your connection server you will drop connections and people will have to reconnect. Not such a huge deal, since if you are running into this scenario, you obviously have at least 2 connection servers which are probably load balanced and the users will simply reconnect.

I asked one of my fellow consultants who pointed me to this spot in the documentation. If you disable a connection server within the View Administrative console the active sessions will not be dropped, so it’s basically like doing a “disable logons” in XenApp. I would also then make sure that the load balancing mechanism was pointing only to the connection server that was enabled. This way you can disable a particular connection server the day before and let users gracefully disconnect, providing you have the capacity to be running with one less connection server. Not exactly migrating the session, but it’s better than nothing.

Or you could just send a message from View administrator saying, “You might need to reconnect.” Just food for thought in design.


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