Upgrading to Horizon View 6 – Part 5 – Desktops

Upgrading to Horizon View 6 – Part 1 – Prepwork

Upgrading to Horizon View 6 – Part 2 – View Composer

Upgrading to Horizon View 6 – Part 3 – Connection Servers

Upgrading to Horizon View 6 – Part 4 – Security Servers

Upgrading to Horizon View 6 – Part 5 – Desktops

Good news! We’re near the end! This part is definitely the lowest stress part of the upgrade, so wipe that sweat from your brow and grab a lemonade.

Since in this series we didn’t upgrade vCenter or ESXi, there’s no need to upgrade VMware tools. However, if we had, this would be where we would update tools, followed by the VMware View agent in the VM.

Just like every other update, if you’re using Linked Clones, it’s just a golden image update and recompose. If you’re using full clones, you’ll need to deploy it however you usually deploy new software, GPO, SCCM, Altiris whatever.

Here is the next next procedure screenshots, not much notes here.

2014-09-26_18-55-32Make sure to choose the correct view agent for your CPU architecture, x86_64 means 64 bit OS. 2014-09-26_18-57-302014-09-26_18-59-092014-09-26_18-59-22

Waahooo! Look at that! They dun there rolled all the HTML, RTAV and vCOPS straight into the View Agent Binary. Upgrades that roll in feature packs are just dandy. Of note, make sure to select SmartCards if you require those, it’s the only option not selected by default.  2014-09-26_18-59-312014-09-26_18-59-382014-09-26_19-01-022014-09-26_19-01-502014-09-26_19-01-54And then either recompose or script the update to your full clones.

Wowee! Look at that! We’re done! Hope this blog post series was informative, helpful and not too sarcastic sounding.




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  1. Juan Carlos says:

    Thanks a lot really HELP to much. GBU

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