Review of VMware Thinapp 4.7 Essentials by Peter Björk

I  recently purchased and tore through an awesome book by Peter Björk, VMware Thinapp 4.7 Essentials. I got a ton out of this book, especially as part of my background was authoring MSI packages with tools like Wise Package Studio and Orca and tons of VB scripts.

The technical depth and procedural “how to do X” knowledge was awesome, not to mention it’s a book that I’ve referenced quite a bit while actually doing some some complicated Thinapps. It’s a great educational read, and it’s a great reference once you’re done with it. As a consultant, Thinapp is one of those things that I crack open every few months or so, and it always seems that something has changed. I think with the advent of Horizon that we will be seeing a lot more applications deployed through Thinapp. This book will definitely help you get on your way to being a master Thinapp packager and help you teach yourself to fish.

Some of the things I personally got out of this book:

  • Methodologies for sizing the sandbox and troubleshooting problem Thinapps.
  • Understanding isolation modes
  • Tips for capturing and updating packages
  • Deployment methods & planning for your target systems (Including Horizon)
  • A full explanation of important utilities such as sbmerge.exe and thinreg.exe
  • Cautions and strategy for deploying applications on 64-bit OS

Highly recommended, especially the Kindle version for me, because I LOVE being able to use CTRL+F when using it as a reference.

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