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How to reset administrator@vsphere.local password in vCenter 5.5

Open command prompt as administrator on the SSO 5.5 server cd /d “C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VMware\CIS\vmdird” vdcadmintool.exe Press 3 to enter the username Type: cn=Administrator,cn=users,dc=vSphere,dc=local Hit enter New password is displayed on screen Press 0 to exit Pretty easy eh?   You

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Wireshark Network Capture Any vSwitch Traffic ESXi 5.5

So before ESXi 5.5 if we wanted to perform a packet capture natively from the ESXi box using standard switches we could only use the tcpdump-uw tool, which only allowed us to capture traffic on individual VMkernel ports. Not very

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How replace a C7000 Virtual Connect VC1/10 with a Flex-10 with VC Defined MAC & WWNs

So I recently had to upgrade a single C7000 enclosure from two VC1/10 modules with two 20 port 8Gb fiber cards to two Flex-10 modules with the two 20 port 8Gb fiber cards. We also wanted to upgrade the VC

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Quick Reference: Path Selection Policy (PSP) Modification via esxcli

Figured I’d write out some of the PSP modification commands I used today so I’d have them for future reference. You can have them too, there’s probably like 10,000 different posts on this already, but this one is mine so

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Performing Outage Free Maintenance on View Connection Servers

The question that I had during my View 5.1 ICM class was how to migrate active view sessions from one VMware View connection server to another, so that maintenance can be performed on one of the connection servers. The short

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VMs getting stuck on Customizing with VMware View 5.0

I ran into this in a test lab environment and figured it would help to share. The View VMs in one of my test labs were hanging on the customization step, both linked clone VMs and full. I started troubleshooting

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